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Because of the work we do in protecting brick paver hardscape structures, new installation or restoration projects, we have become water management experts. When installing brick paver hardscape, whether it be a patio, walkway, wall, or step, it is necessary to take every measure possible to manage the water in the area of your brick paver project. This is accomplished by reinforcing the brick paver hardscape installation area and/or routing the water in the area. Usually the water is originating from a roof line, gutter, downspout or large areas which accumulate significant volumes of water. Once the water has been routed out of the area it becomes necessary to manage it such that there is no pooling, which may harm a yard or home foundation.


When re-routing downspout outlets we prefer to run them underground using PVC schedule 40 pipe. We refuse to use black corrugated drain lines under hardscape because they collapse and become easily plugged. Once either of these two failures happen it will cause the brick paver hardscape to raise or settle. We use a PVC transition adaptor at the ground level, where the pipe meets the downspout, to provide a clean, aesthetically-pleasing appearance. Usually, at the other end in a yard, we install the standard pop-up device. We only use black corrugated drain lines for long runs in yards or behind higher walls. On a daily basis, we are installing some type of piping or drainage provision. In many cases, to better manage the final end point of the water, we install some type of "French drain". French drains are extremely successful in absorbing water until the ground can absorb the water. If you have water management challenges, whether hardscape related or not, contact us to review your project.

Brick Paver Water Management

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