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We know brick pavers and hardscapes are enjoyed nationally, and we receive requests from all over the Country for our same Metro Detroit services. We have franchised our company, so that the same Mission Statement we exercise locally in the Metro Detroit area can be practiced nationally. Through franchises, we will be able to extend our services to other regions outside Metro Detroit.

The Franchise ownership offers:

  • the perfect business model for success,   

  • a profitable, home-based business with flexible hours, serving customers in your territory,

  • the advantage of an established, proven brand,

  • minimal, competitive, up-front investment costs,   

  • a protected territory for you to grow and develop, and  

  • an individually-owned-and-operated service business. 

brick paver pathway

Our Mission to Our Franchisees:

To continue achieving our mission to customers, The Brick Paver Dr. will provide you, as a franchisee, the most complete and efficient franchise model, and the opportunity to experience a rewarding, profitable and efficient, personally-owned business. Utilizing well-established systems, processes, and a proven operating model, we will train you in best practices and implement a focus on use of quality materials and customer service. The Brick Paver Dr. will provide you with exceptional, ongoing support, as you grow your individually-owned-and-operated business, helping you provide your customers with a dependable service that can rejuvenate any home, backyard or property.


As a franchisee of The Brick Paver Dr., you will perform hardscape brick paver design, installation, maintenance, restoration or water management according to only the highest of standards, based on your individual experience and goals.

Five Good Reasons to Own a Franchise from The Brick Paver Dr.

Franchise Check List Information Sheet

Currently Available Franchise Markets

The following individual territories are currently available, based on all or some of the following:

map of available franchise areas in USA

Baltimore, MD

Boston, MA

Chicago, IL    

Cleveland, OH

Columbus, OH

Dayton, OH

Detroit, MI

Ft. Wayne, IN

Grand Rapids, MI

Indianapolis, IN

Louisville, KY

Milwaukee, WI

Minneapolis, MN

Nashville, TN

New York, NY

Philadelphia, PA

Pittsburgh, PA

Portland, ME

Princeton, NJ

Springfield, IL

St. Louis, MO

Traverse City, MI

Washington, DC

Wilmington, DE

  • are comfortable with the Sales Process, including unlimited meetings with customers,

  • are great with managing many project details, with continued attention to details and final project aesthetics as perceived by the customer, and the highest of standards required by The Brick Paver Dr.,

  • are hard-working, self-motivated, and possess a willingness to roll up your sleeves and personally contribute to the success of projects,

  • are good with project planning, managing time and coordinating project activities,

  • have reasonable-to-good knowledge of landscaping and basic building construction principles,

  • have high personal standards, including fairness, honesty, integrity, etc.

  • have good communication skills and overall good business principles as relates to maximizing employee, vendor, subcontractors and customer interest in assisting in the success of your franchise,

  • are able to meet the initial ten-year Franchise Agreement Terms, including initial capital investment and franchise fee requirements, 

  • are a Veteran, Police Officer/Law Enforcement, or Fire & Rescue Personnel interested in a home-based, part-time or full-time service business,

then, it sounds like this may be the right fit for you, so contact us today!

Who is The Brick Paver Dr. Ideal Franchise Owner? If you

Please contact The Brick Paver Dr. at 866-80-PAVER, or complete the electronic contact form on our website, to discuss the Franchise Overview, Qualifications, Guidelines, desired Franchise Territory, Franchise Fees, Start-up Costs, Franchise Framework and other questions you may have. We look forward to welcoming you to The Brick Paver Dr. Team!

Thank you,

Vince Griffiths, CEO & Owner

The Brick Paver Dr. Franchise, LLC.

The Brick Paver Dr. Franchise Opportunities

Greetings from The Brick Paver Dr.

  1. You can be your own boss, taking advantage of our “business model for success” proven by owner, Vince Griffiths, in the Metro Detroit market. It will be your personally-owned-and-operated business to grow, based on the time and work you put in to your protected territory.

  2. You will have the opportunity to meet, serve and satisfy the wonderful brick paver customers in your territory. With the training and assistance from Vince Griffiths and his team, you will build up your territory to be the “Go-To Company”.

  3. You’ll be able to realize the best return on your time as a business owner: a proven, profitable business model based on the optimization of all marketing and cost variables.

  4. Your business can be home-based, part time or full time, with low overhead, low startup costs, and very low material inventory requirements.

  5. You’ll take advantage of an established, proven brand, very few stable competitors and be part of an industry which is extremely successful during economy downturns.

  • Proximity to the Metro Detroit Headquarters.

  • Anticipated high-success potential due to harsh climate.

  • Population in the specific market, (near or above 250,000-500,000 population), ultimately with boundaries.

Please note: other national markets are also available, based on individual preferences and local requirements.

  • The franchisee will be given a specific territory based on desired territory and population considerations.


  • The franchisee will own the Franchise Company for the designated territory, while meeting all terms of the initial ten-year Franchise Agreement.


  • It is suggested franchises be personally managed, and the franchisee be involved in the day to day operation, but it is not required.


  • The Brick Paver Dr. will provide initial training and ongoing training as needed, based on customer needs or desired areas of new service-type growth.


  • There are many types of services a franchisee can provide, such as: maintenance, repair, restoration, design and new installation. Franchises can be successful regardless of how many of the total types of services he or she wishes to provide.


  • There are franchise fees required to own a franchise of The Brick Paver Dr.


  • There are initial minimum self-investment costs, (i.e. initial transportation, marketing, tools, office and equipment), in order to get your franchise up and operating, to provide some targeted scope of services.


  • There is an ongoing franchise royalty to be paid to the franchisor.


  • There are required best practices and materials to be used by franchisees.


  • There are existing, approved marketing designs and materials available to be used by franchisees.


  • Individual franchise owners or managers are responsible for all business set-up filing, taxes, insurance, payroll and personnel requirements.


  • All The Brick Paver Dr. hardscape knowledge, experiences, best practices and the Owner’s more- than-30-years-of-business acumen, marketing and finance experience will be available to help you solve any problems and grow your individual franchise Territory.

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