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The Brick Paver Dr. Privacy Policy

Because of the massive overreach of the EU's new GDPR Privacy Regulations, we've been forced to create this page. Keep in mind that we don't provide any services in the EU at all, and we don't intend to, ever. But, because anyone from the EU can reach our site, we are forced to do this. The alternative would be to create an IP-blocking filter for our site, which would be monstrous in size and cause severe delays when visitors come here, because thousands of IPs would have to be checked to make sure the visitor is not coming from the EU, and only then could the visitor be let in to the site. (Of course, if anyone used a VPN set to a non-EU IP address, they could get in easily, but we digress...) This GDPR went into effect in the EU on May 25th, 2018 - a holiday weekend in the USA - and has severe penalties for non-compliance, even threatening us and our business, when we have absolutely nothing to do with people in the EU. So, here goes:

1. If you use our website, you might get some cookies dropped on your system, so we can keep track of how many people visit, or the number of people who like us on Facebook, or who plus-one us on Google+, etc. You're free to delete those whenever you like.

2. If you use the "Contact Us" form on the website, your information will pass through Google's email service. So, we guess their privacy and data retention policy applies.

3. We utilize Wix web services. They say that the paragraphs 8, 12 and 13 on their page may apply. We'll let you determine that for yourself. You can read all the "legal-speak" over there if you're interested:

4. If you ask us for a quote or to perform a service for you, We're going to need a certain amount of information from you like your name, address, phone number, email address, and so forth. It's the basic stuff necessary for conducting business. We don't share this information with anyone outside the company, unless it's necessary to complete your job.

That's it. If  you are from the EU and don't feel this is transparent enough for you, then please don't use our website.

The Brick Paver Dr.

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