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The Brick Paver Dr. installs, repairs, trouble shoots, & upgrades all types of low voltage LED & non-LED lighting systems including path lights, brick-inserted lights, step lights, pillar lights & directional lights. Low voltage lighting provides safety, security and continued enjoyment of your hardscape & landscaping in the evenings with the provided illumination & aesthetics.

Here is an example of what was previously a plastic design, retrofitted with a new LED metal bezel design.

Lighted bricks plastic
Lighted bricks metal

Call The Brick Paver Dr. today to explore your LED lighting opportunities!

We understand that Michigan is a tough environment, therefore we take every measure to ensure our installations are as robust as possible. This is includes the use of Dryconn connectors which include brass-crimped connectors and sealed PVC housings complete with dielectric grease. This concept guarantees a life-long connection free of moisture penetration for your lighting system.

We specialize in the installation of round LED flush-mounted metal lights that come standard in 38 mm (1-1/2 inch) dia. & 63.5 mm (2-1/2 inch) sizes, in bronze (warm light) & silver (cool light) bezels. These metal bezel LED lights can be newly installed in most any brick pavers in any existing low voltage system. We can retrofit or upgrade plastic, non-crimp-style connector lights & guarantee new, robust connections, and a more aesthetically-pleasing metal bezel design with very clean, high-illuminating light. In most cases, we can use the existing transformer (and possibly the existing wiring), drilling the necessary brick mounting holes onsite as necessary.

Brick Pavers with Integral Low Voltage LED Lighting

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