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The Brick Paver Dr. is proud to offer excavating & trenching services for drainage, footing, electrical conduit or plumbing installations. We can also assist in the installation and coordination of hiring a licensed contractor for electrical and/or plumbing services. 

We have equipment which can usually access the tightest residential areas. If your project is drain related, we can also install drain piping, French drains, downspout piping, etc.


As part of our services, we also will do any necessary hand digging to ensure we are as sensitive as necessary in the area(s) being excavated. While performing these services, we will be very respectful of your property, in the same way we carefully manage our brick paver projects. In most cases, depending on the nature of the project, we will contact MISS DIG to identify any potential existing utility service lines.


The Brick Paver Dr. is a fully insured company.

Mini Excavator & Trenching Services

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