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The Brick Paver Dr. worked with the owners of Founders Brewing Company, their architect, and a very tight schedule; Got the job done on time!

Brick Paver Patio at Founders Brewing Co., Detroit

Founders Brewing Co. Tap Room Project

Founders Brewing Co. Tap Room Project

Founders Brewing Co. Brick Paver Patio, Detroit

The Brick Paver Dr. was approached on November 9th, 2017, by the Detroit Founder’s Brewing Co. Project Manager & the Push Detroit Architect to work on the new Founders Brewing Co. Tap Room project in Detroit.  The specific project was the brick paver ribbons on the outdoor patio. We met late that same evening to review the project drawing, details, and timeline with the Founders team.  It was a freezing evening and  there was nothing more than a shell of a building heated by gas torpedo heaters. 

The next day we met to review brick samples with other members of the Founders Brewing Co. Grand Rapids Management Team and the contractors we would be dealing with for our part of the project. We decided to use Fendt Old World Holland Rustic bricks based on pavers from a picture of a Bloomfield project, which matched the pavers in the Founders Grand Rapids patio. Based on the timeline, we had to install the pavers in 9 days, (by November 19th, 2017), so that inspections could start for the finished building on the morning of November 20th.

Fendt Old World Pavers
Founders Brewing Co. Paver Project, Detroit

It seemed unbelievable that, in 9 days, and before we could start, all the plumbing would need to be installed, excavated areas leveled, masonry walls installed, fences and gates installed, and all the stamped concrete floors poured. It seemed doubtful that the November weather would cooperate.

The bricks had to be ordered from the Fendt facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and delivered to rocks ‘n’ roots, our distributor in Washington, Michigan. On November 16th, 2017, rocks ‘n’ roots delivered the bricks for the project.

On November 19th, The Brick Paver Dr. Team installed the bricks completely per the architect drawing provided on November 9th by The Founders Team, on a 35-40 degree Fahrenheit November day.

It was great to work on, and play such a key role in such an important project for the development of the city of Detroit. It was really an honor to work with The Founders Team and be part of such a well-managed, yet accelerated project. The Founders Tap Room turned out awesomely!

The Brick Paver Dr. team was invited to the finished Tap Room for an event held for contractors to sample refreshments and food. Everything was excellent, including the awesome service.

Brick Pavers at Founders Brewing Co., Detroit
Preparing for the brick pavers at Founders Brewing Co., Detroit
Brick Pavers at Founders Brewing Co., Detroit
Brick Pavers at Founders Brewing Co., Detroit
Brick Paver Patios at Founders Brewing Co., Detroit

Thank you, Founders Brewing Company, for the opportunity to work on your project. I look forward to visiting in the years to come and enjoying the various delicious food and drinks.

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